Dirt Mall Released & Reviews!

Dirt Mall album cover

Our new album is now out via digital platforms – physical albums should be with us approx 1st April (no joke) – so we’ll get posting those out as soon as we are able!

Dirt Mall on Spotify
Dirt Mall on our Bandcamp

Here’s a review of Dirt Mall x

… it only takes a few bars of opener ‘Virtue’ to tick off the Seattle influence buried under a lyric from frontman Jamie Monroe that is designed to tear the clothes from off your backs and rip the flesh from your bones…quite literally.

Johnny Hayward – RPM online

And they are coming in thick and fast, here’s one at OriginalRock.net

Aerial Salad has released a full-length smash and grab holy motherfucker of an album. Buy it, borrow it or steal but just get it

Guy Shankland – Original Rock

Review from our mate and Wonker Vez at Final Hours

Anyone nostalgic for the Manchester powerhouse bands of the 90’s/00’s ought to be excited by this album. Dirt Mall stands to make Aerial Salad your new obsession, you just may not have realised it yet.

Veronique Hawksworth – Final Hours