New Video ‘Romance’ Premiers

Aerial Salad Romance video

Proper buzzing to share the first single from our upcoming record! Here’s Romance. Thanks so much to Clash Magazine for premiering the video for it. You can get romance on Spotify, Apple Music and all good digital services!

“The video comes from us having no idea what to do for a song called ‘Romance?’, aren’t we just fucking incels right, our friend Vez suggested we clean Mike’s (bass) car and it turned out quite Beastie Boys. It was filmed by Kieron Jordan from the band Don Blake and it was freezing. Do you want romance? Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you really? is it wicked? I’m lovin’ it like this.

The song is about wanting to romance someone who is otherwise romantically engaged, however there is mutual romantic interest (how very sitcom) however it can’t quite be… let’s say addressed

Aerial Salad

You can also pre-order the new album here big love x