Arrowfest 2020

Saturday -
Crowleys Bar

Arrowfest returns for another year and this time it is extra special! We will be celebrating five years of Broken Arrow Magazine. The last couple we have done have been a blast and already we're building a lineup we're really excited about.

Friday March 20th
Nosebleed (rock n roll punk)
Rash Decision (hardcore punk)
Midwich Cuckoos (skate punk)
EAT DIRT. (hardcore/skate punk)
Haest (doomy hardcore)
Iron Reign (hardcore)

Saturday March 21st
Faintest Idea (ska punk)
Lead Shot Hazard (ska punk)
CAPTAIN TRIPS (skate punk)
Zombies No (metallic skate punk)
Aerial Salad. (melodic punk rock)
Triple Sundae (pop-punk)
Last Edition (ska punk)
Redeemon (skacore)
SKIV (melodic punk rock)
Baldhead and the Dreads (reggae/ska punk)
Jason Stirling (acoustic folk)

Crowleys Bar, Hastings
Advanced ticket prices
Weekend tickets £20
Friday Tickets £8
Saturday Tickets £13

Tickets will cost more on the door